Furnished apartments

AYY has some furnished single room apartments. These furnished apartments can be found in Otaniemi Teekkari Village and in two buildings in Helsinki. The rent of all furnished apartments include:

  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Water
  • At least the following furniture:
    • Bed
    • Mattress
    • Desk
    • Office chair
    • Drawers
    • Curtains
    • Bookcase

The kitchen are fully stocked with an oven, fridge and freezer and kitchen table and chairs. No personal items are included (blankets, kitchenware, etc.).

Teekkari Village furnished apartments

There are a lot of different kinds of furnished apartments in Teekkari Village. You can see the details of the furnished apartment once it is offered to you.

Pohjavedenkatu 4 furnished apartments

The apartments in Pohjavedenkatu 4 are in a four room apartment with a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom. Each tenant has a single room (with a personal lock) for their own use. All the rooms in a single apartment are rented only to either men or women.

Example of an single room apartments in Pohjavedenkatu.

Ida Aalbergin tie 1 furnished apartments

There are two kinds of furnished apartments in the Ida building. The other are older but cheaper, the other newer and larger, but more expensive.

The smaller apartments have three single rooms and the rooms of a single apartment are rented only to either men or women. They have a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom. Example here.

The larger apartments have 8 rooms in total, a large shared kitchen and more bathrooms. They’ve also been renovated recently. The rooms of the apartment are rented to both women and men at the same time, because there are enough bathrooms and space so the tenant’s can decide to have unisex bathrooms, if they want. Example of a larger apartment here.