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Want to get in touch with Management Consulting? Join us on the 27th of January to kick-off the year 2017 together with AMCA - Aalto Management Consulting Association and guests from three of our prestigious corporate partners: IBM, PwC and KPMG! You'll get to know about AMCA and our activities as well as the opportunities that our corporate partners have to offer! Open to everyone interested in Management Consulting + Free food, drinks and getting to know like-minded people -> Sign up!

See you on the 27th,
Your AMCA Board
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AMCA Kick-off 2017 with IBM, PwC and KPMG

27.1.17, 18:00 - 28.1.17, 00:59

Are you interested in management consulting or consulting in general? It doesn't matter whether you are familiar with consulting or just getting started - this evening will have something for all of you! Join us to kick-off the AMCA year 2017 together with prestigious guests from our corporate partners PwC, KPMG and IBM. Doors open at 18:00. There will be FREE food and drinks for all guests. During the event we will get to hear short introductions from our corporate partners about the opportunities they have to offer and of course you will also learn about AMCA and what we do. Additionally our friends from 180 Degrees Consulting will introduce themselves. Be assured there will be plenty of time to mingle and get to know like-minded people! The event will be held on the 3rd floor (Yläkertsi Room) of the KY (Student union of Aalto’s business students) building at Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21. Tell your friends all about it and PLEASE SIGN UP using the following link (or the ticket button) so that we can plan food and drinks accordingly: We are very excited to see you all soon! Your AMCA board 2017


Beginning of a new year and it’s time to kick off the Oscar hype! Tikelo starts the Oscar season with a movie night featuring The Departed, winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2007.

We will be serving cold drinks and movie snacks, all for free.

See you at KY Building Yläkertsi, next Monday at 18.00!
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Tikelo Presents: The Departed

23.1.17, 18:00 - 23.1.17, 22:00

Beginning of a new year and it’s time to start getting excited about Oscars! Tikelo kicks off the Oscar hype with a movie night, where we will be showing The Departed that won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2007. The Departed won four Oscars in total and it was the movie that finally brought director Martin Scorsese his first Oscar. The movie has a fascinating plot depicting both sides of the law in Boston and the screenplay was awarded with an Oscar. Great performances befitting a Best Picture winner are provided by a star studded cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen. In addition, we will serve cold drinks and movie snacks. The event and the refreshments are free of charge. See you at Yläkertsi on 23.1. at 18.00! WHAT: Oscar movie night - The Departed WHEN: 23.1. at 18.00 WHERE: Yläkertsi, KY building 3. floor HOW MUCH: 0 euros


RED ALERT! We got 8 cancellation spots for Thursday's Photoshop workshop. Fast come, first served! Vemia Beginner's Photoshop Course ... See MoreSee Less

Vemia Beginner's Photoshop Course

19.1.17, 17:00 - 19.1.17, 19:30

OBS! We got a couple of cancellation spots! Register below and drop a small mail (e.g. hi and your name) to and we'll confirm your spot asap! Ahoy creative folks, As you wished, a workshop will be organized covering a full workflow that makes your photographs POP! This workflow fits especially well landscape images, and portraits that are not closeups. There will be spaces for only 30 people so be fast! 👉 Register here Topics covered: 🔵 RAW editing (and why to shoot RAW) -> creating a large dynamic range images 🔵 Removing distractions -> putting the viewers focus in the right place 🔵 Selective editing with adjustment layers and masks -> bringing specific areas, colors or subjects to focus non-destructively 🔵 Selective editing with hue/saturation color selection -> making just the sky, sea, grass or green beautifully saturated, or correcting skin problems 🔵 Exporting for different uses (web/print) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: - You can cancel your attendance 3 days prior to the event. Otherwise, a 10€ no-show fee will be charged upon your absence. - You can bring your own laptop if you have Photoshop, or use the computers in the classroom. Feel free to contact us at 🔸 WHAT: Beginner Photoshop Course 🔸 WHEN: January 19th, 2017, 17:00-19:30 plus 30 minutes after (optional) 🔸 WHERE: Otaniemi @Maarintalo (class Maari-B) 🔸 PRICE: Free but 10€ no-show fee 🔸 FOR WHOM: All Aalto students (& Vemia members from other schools)


Time to make your next few weeks a little extra with KY Sub ;). Remember the ticket sales to the Lapland trip (195euros) and the International sitsit (15euros)This year the Lapland trip is absolutely crazy, with Husky rides, skiing, Laser Tag (!!) in the Winter Laser Tag World Cup(!!!), snowmobiling and much more. The International Sitsit is already crazy every semester, so 'nuff said there. I'll post the fb events in comments below.

Ticket Sales (bring cash):
- Tue 17.01. Otaniemi Main Building Main Lobby from 11 to 13.
- Wed 18.01 Töölö Main Lobby from 11 to 13.

Warning: Due to unusually high pre-sales, we only have about 35 spots out of 110 left for lapland and 20-25 spots left on the legendary International Sitsit. May the odds be in your favor.
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Hi everyone!

The sign-up for Annex Aalto 2017 Studio Sessions is now open! Act quickly and grab your spot:

Annex Aalto what? It's a completely new interactive event for all Aalto students, regradless of the study area or study year! And you can even earn one ECTS while attending! Check out more info in our event: Annex Aalto 2017
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Tervetuloa Baccuksen seuraavaan viinitastingiin, jossa suunnataan vastakkaiselle pallonpuoliskolle Uuteen-Seelantiin. Uuden maailman viinialueisiin kuuluvassa Uudessa-Seelannissa viinien keskimääräinen pullohinta on nykyään maailman korkein ja erityisesti maan Sauvignon Blancia ja Pinot Noiria pidetään korkeassa arvostuksessa! ... See MoreSee Less

New Zealand -tasting

25.1.17, 18:00 - 25.1.17, 21:00

Tervetuloa Baccuksen seuraavaan viinitastingiin, jossa suunnataan vastakkaiselle pallonpuoliskolle Uuteen-Seelantiin. Uuden maailman viinialueisiin kuuluvassa Uudessa-Seelannissa viinien keskimääräinen pullohinta on nykyään maailman korkein [1], ja erityisesti maan Sauvignon Blancia ja Pinot Noiria pidetään korkeassa arvostuksessa. Tule mukaan ottamaan selvää mitä Uusi-Seelanti tarjoaa viininjuojalle! Tastingissa on tarjolla neljä valkoista ja neljä punaista viiniä, katsaus maan eri viinialueisiin ja niissä valmistettaviin viinityyleihin, pientä naposteltavaa sekä loistavaa seuraa! Mitä: New Zealand -tasting Missä: KY-talon Yläkertsi Milloin: Ke 25.1.2017 klo 18.00 Hinta: 19 € Tasting on avoin kaikille viininystäville konkareista täysin noviiseihin! Ilmoittautuminen aukeaa ma 16.1. klo 12:00 tapahtumassa julkaistavan linkin kautta. Paikkoja on tälläkin kertaa vain rajoitetusti, joten toimi nopeasti! Nähdään Tastingissä! [1] Dominé, André et al.: Viini, s. 882. (ko. osion kirjoittaja: Rose, Anthony). Könemann, Tandem Verlag GmbH, 2005. ISBN 3-8331-1978-0. Tervetuloa!


A little more than a week to go! Secure your place and enjoy some reliable warmth in the middle of the unstable weather! ... See MoreSee Less

WhisKY presents: Smoke tasting '17

20.1.17, 18:30 - 20.1.17, 21:30

New year is here again and we’ve even got some snow! So what is better than a whisky while it’s cold and snowy outside? A smoky whisky of course! WhysKY offers you a possibility to come and enjoy some well picked smoky whiskies in good company and at a low price. A kind of a traditional tasting to open the spring season doesn’t contain any Octomores this time but instead has a healthy portion of more elegant smoke whiskies. So what’s there to say? Come and enjoy some heartwarming whiskies. Whiskies: Port Charlotte PC12 Benromach 10 Years Old 100 proof AnCnoc Stack Ardbeg Corryvreckan What?: Smoke tasting Where?: Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21B, KY-Building, 3rd floor When?: Friday 20.1. kello 19:00 Price: 15€ Registration: ------------------------------------- Vuosi on jälleen vaihtunut, luonto koittaa näyttää välillä talviselta, luita pakottaa ja viskihammasta kolottaa. WhisKY tarjoilee ainakin yhteen edellä mainituista ratkaisua. Jo pieneksi perinteeksi muodostunut vuoden avaava savun makuun keskittynyt tasting tarjoilee jälleen savun makuisia elämyksiä suoraan pöytään kannettuna. Tällä kertaa tarkoituksena ei olekaan tuoda pöytään kaikkein savun makuisimpia pommeja vaan tarjoilla hieman elegantimpaa nautintoa. Tule siis maistamaan mikä seuraavista meidän ja ammattilaisten hyväksi havaitsemista sopii parhaiten oman hampaan parantamiseen! Tarjolla: Port Charlotte PC12 Benromach 10 Years Old 100 proof AnCnoc Stack Ardbeg Corryvreckan Mitä?: Smoke (savu) tasting Missä?: Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 21B, KY-Talo, Yläkertsi Milloin?: Perjantai 20.1. kello 19:00 Hinta: 15€ Ilmoittautuminen:


Welcome to KY-Speksi 2017 christening today at Yläkertsi from 19 onwards! The evening is full of exciting surprises and epicness so don’t miss it!
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KY-Speksi 2017 Ristiäiset

12.1.17, 19:00 - 12.1.17, 22:00

Tervetuloa KY-Speksin 2017 ristiäisiin! Torstaina 12.1. klo 19:00 alkaen KY-talon yläkertsillä tapahtuu, kun KY-Speksi tarjoaa sinulle ainutkertaisen mahdollisuuden saada ensikosketus tämän vuoden huikeimpaan spekstaakkeliin. Illan aikana julkaistaan perinteisesti KY-Speksin 2017 nimi ja muitakin pieniä vilahduksia siitä, mitä speksi-kevät tuo tullessaan. Ristiäisten jälkeen ilta on kuitenkin vasta nuori, joten siirrymme yhdessä jatkoille Speksi-kuntikseen Bar Bäkkäriin (linkki tapahtumaan: Siellä KY-Speksin huikea bändi saapuu viihdyttämään juhlakansaa klo 23:00. Tule siis kavereidesi kanssa juhlistamaan koulun alkua parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla, sillä tästä tulee jotain mitä et halua missata! MITÄ: KY-Speksin 2017 ristiäiset MISSÄ: KY-talon yläkertsi MILLOIN: 12.1.2017 klo 19:00 HINTA: 0€


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